Outstanding Reputation & Price


  Since 2005 we have amassed an outstanding reputation for our pre-wedding customer service, sound system quality, consistent DJ excellence and a reasonable price. We keep our prices within reach of the majority of people looking for an excellent wedding DJ. We also offer bundle packages that include ceremony services and room decor up lighting, all for prices lower than what you might expect from a company with our level of experience. 

Appearance, Presentation & Promotion


 When we are at your Wedding Reception, your DJ will be neatly groomed and dressed in a tuxedo unless you request otherwise. In addition, our sound systems are console encased, clean and neatly set up with no tacky banners, neon signs, or marquees advertising our company name. We do not put business cards or promotional items on your guest tables. Our DJs carry business cards available by request should your guest’s want one.  

Excellent Sound & Lighting Systems



All of our sound systems are high performance with premium grade components and are specifically designed for receptions. All our sound systems have full range, crystal clear sound and solid bass response. They are motivating on your dance floor while not blowing the ears off of your guests who are visiting; it’s truly the best of both worlds for a wedding. Our lighting systems are a tasteful mix of LED color wash and LED special effect lights that are wedding appropriate and will create the perfect mood on your dance floo

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